No doubt you’re familiar with Rich Schefren, or you’ve at least heard of him. His goal is to turn as many opportunity seekers into authentic, profitable entrepreneurs as he can, and he’s been doing a brilliant job of it for years now.

He’s got his own blog, and I want to point out 3 things about it:

First, it’s got great content. You can never give away too much great content, because the more you give, the more people want. It’s almost like a powerful drug in that it sets up your readers to want what you’re offering so dearly, they whip out their wallets without hesitation when you launch your next product.

Second, you might want to take some time to visit his blog and watch some of his videos. This month alone he’s created videos on Unlocking Your Brain, Writing Great Sales Copy, A Common Business Mistake, Perfectionism Stealing Profits and Taking Your Business to the Next Level, to name just some.

Third, and here’s the point I really want you to get – his entire blog is made up of short videos he records on the fly. None seem to be longer than five minutes and most are just 2-3 minutes. He records them at work, at his home and often while he’s driving, apparently with nothing more than a video camera and a mount.

So often we delay creating that next content and making that next blog post because we think don’t have TIME. However, if you simply write down ideas for blog posts each time they come to you, you’ll soon have a list to choose from. Then pick one out, write a brief 3 point outline of what you’ll talk about, record a short video and you’ve got a blog post!  No more excuses that you don’t have enough time. Add Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet buttons and you’re building a potential traffic magnet.

More importantly, your readers (or should we say viewers) are now able to see you, hear you and thus relate to you much more personally. You’re no longer some faceless person hiding behind blog posts because now you’re right there in their homes and offices enjoying a quick chat with them. Bottom Line: This can take you miles towards building relationships with your lists that cause them to know you, like you and trust you.

Until next time. . .

Just take action.

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