Blog posts are another content method that works great for the 5X10 method. These are different from the rest because the main focus is actually to post them on your site— not off. The great thing about blog posts is that they’re very shareable. Other bloggers can find them and share them— linking to you or quoting you. If you use something like Tumblr, they can reblog you for great exposure.

Blog posts also have the benefit of being SEO magnets. If you choose your subject well, you just might find that you start to get some nice search engine traffic without even trying. That typically doesn’t happen with just one blog post or even just a few blog posts, but search engine traffic can really start to increase as you begin to fill your blog up with more and more great, relevant content.

Blog posts tend to be shorter than articles (not always), though there’s quite a bit of overlap when it comes to types of content. Blog posts can be relationship building, informative, how-to, promotional, teasing, and so on.

Your blog can act as a hub for all of your content. You need somewhere to direct people to, right? Your blog is a nice spot to build your list. Place an opt-in form on the sidebar of your blog as well as under each blog post (in an unobtrusive way). Direct your other types of content to your blog posts or a squeeze page on your blog post. If you use the 5X10 method and focus all of that energy on building your list and empowering your ‘hub’ (your blog), you can see some great results, rather quickly.

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