Okay, I just need to know the truth here. I’ve been through a number of coaching programs (more than I probably care to admit), and almost to a person they suggest providing your own content and making it personal. I get that. That’s what I’m doing here. . .and what I pledge and promise to continue doing for you.

Here’s my conundrum. Yes, conundrum. I won’t use that word a whole lot. I’m an English teacher by day. If you read my immensely fascinating About Me page, you’ll get all the amazing details. As a wordsmith, I’ll pepper words such as “conundrum,” “pertinacious,” and maybe even “assuage” into my posts. Yeah, I like to show off sometimes.

Okay, so maybe I won’t use “pertinacious.”

Back on track. . . if I was to use some coaching lessons (whether video or audio) from someone other than me, would that make me public enemy number 1 or at least not credible? I’ve heard from some that if it’s not your voice, or not your face, you’ll lose credibility in the eyes of your subscribers. Really?

If I provide you good quality content, but it’s not in the voice you associate with me, are you going to think any less of me? Maybe you will. If that’s the case, just let me know.  Please let me know. I just thought the content itself was more important than the person delivering it.  Actually, in a way, I am the one delivering it to you.

Hey, I’ve been following heavy-hitters such as John Thornhill and Alex Jeffreys for years. They’ve suggested others who have mentored them as well. Do I think any less of them because AJ, for example, mentions the amazing coaching of someone such as Dan Kennedy or Rich Schefren? Heck no! AJ is a rock star, and if he wants to use Kennedy, Schefren, or Frank Kern as sources, I’m cool with that.

I didn’t invent internet marketing. I’m not ashamed to channel those who have helped me.

Maybe I’m wrong. Again, if that’s the case, shout it loudly. Trust me, I’ll hear it. I’ve got tons of great content, but I’ll change the format if that’s the will of the masses. I’m not ashamed to share content with others who have mentored me. I don’t think it paints me as any less of an expert.

Hey, I’m just providing you with additional content . I want to share it with you. It’s what I do. I’ve learned a TON from Sean Mize, for example. I feel I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t share that with you.

To go one step further, if I wanted you to hear some information on personal development, would you think less of me if I pointed you to an audio/video link from Tony Robbins or from something I recorded myself from some other source?

I don’t say that to discredit me as a source but rather to prove that I can still provide you with quality information that I may not have produced myself. If I can provide the information, you can still see me as a valuable resource. But please understand, you’ll still get valuable content that comes from me originally. That’s a guarantee.

Here’s the thing, guys (and gals): You’ll get my content and my opinions. But if I add in outside flair, is that really going to turn your world upside down? If it does, please let me know, and I won’t do it.

That being said, please have a look around my site, and contact me with any questions.

Just take action.


To your success,


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