“Creating a lot of content,” is a really fuzzy sort of thing, isn’t it? I’m sure lots of marketers you’ve been learning from have told you to do just that. They’ve told you to create a lot of content and your business would grow. So, you started creating content here and there but didn’t really see the growth you expected to see and understandably became frustrated.

That’s okay— it’s not your fault. It’s time to escape the blame. There are perhaps two problems going on right now that are holding you back and we’re going to tackle both of those.

First— you might have a problem with mindset. Do you honestly and truly believe that you can grow your business and accomplish incredible things? I hope you believe that, because it’s true. Do you believe you deserve to succeed? It’s time to let go and allow yourself to live the life of your dreams.

Part of that comes from recognizing the second problem— you might have a lack of goals. You need goals in life and in business. When I talk about goals, I’m talking about very specific goals with specific deadlines. When you narrow things down even further, we’re talking about goals related to content and traffic to grow your business.

How much content do you need and by when? What types of content? How many of each type of content?

These are specific numbers you should have in mind as you set off to create more content and drive more traffic so you can grow your business. Up until this point, your goal may have been to “create more content to grow my business.”

The 5X10 method takes things further for you. There’s a goal built right in! Part of your problem is immediately eliminated so you can focus on creation and growth.

You’re going to create 5 different types of content. And you’ll create 10 pieces for each of those 5 types. 10 articles, 10 blog posts, 10 podcast episodes, 10 videos, and 10 social media content pieces.

There isn’t any mystery or trick to this. I’m going to walk you through how to schedule, plan, and execute this so you see the best possible results in the shortest amount of time— no matter whether you only have an hour or so to work on your business each day or you have full workdays available.

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