I’m a huge fan of getting more done in less time. That means streamlining and eliminating time wasting activities. There’s no need to overthink things – especially not now that I have created this method.

The 5X10 method helps you break it all down. You’re working toward an overall goal. Plan ahead, have a purpose for making this happen, and allow yourself to have fun with it. Challenge yourself, push yourself, and get it done.

If you break down what you’re doing, you can get a lot more done. Trying to tackle huge, unending projects just doesn’t work. You can’t wrap your mind around that.

If you want to get a lot done in a little bit of time, there are a few things you need to do.

These things are:

•   Use the 5X10 method
•   Plan and research before you start writing content
•   Outline before you start writing content
•   Work in short, undistracted chunks of time
•   Have very specific goals you’re working toward

Do these things and you absolutely will get a lot more done… and a lot more content created… than you ever have before.

Just keep following what I’m sharing with you here, and, as always. . .

. . .just take action.

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