You don’t have to be a great writer to write great articles. Seriously— let that sink in for a moment. I mean it. You don’t have to be a professional writer or a well-practiced writer.

The #1 most important thing to think about when you’re writing an article is your audience. Think about what your audience wants and needs. Think about how you can connect with your audience— how can you reach them emotionally? Hopefully, you’ve taken the time to get to know your audience. That will serve you well. If you haven’t (and this should be an ongoing thing anyway), then take some time to visit forums, social media groups, and popular blogs in your niche to see what they’re talking about, going through, thinking, and feeling.

If you put people first and think about them while you’re writing your articles, then you’ll do a great job even if you’re not a professional writer.

It also helps to take the advice I’ve given you above when you’re writing articles— plan and outline! I’ve already gone pretty in depth into why you should do that and what that means so I won’t harp on that any further. Just do it. Plan and outline and you’ll have better articles. They’ll be better organized and better thought out and make a bigger impact on your audience overall.

By the way, if you’re terrified of writing articles because you’re sure you’ll make grammatical errors and typos and things like that, don’t be. You can use spell check to catch many spelling and grammatical errors. Not that it will catch everything, but it will catch a lot. And if you really want to go in depth with self-editing, you can use something like In the end, though, people aren’t going to remember if you made a typo here or there— but they will remember your words and that your words had a major impact on them.

It can be extremely helpful for you to read and study the articles of others in your niche as you start to write your own. This can give you a great boost in writing your own. You never want to copy others’ articles, of course. But this can give you an idea of what’s expected in the niche and it can motivate you to start writing.

Note that not all of the articles you find in your niche will be good examples. You’ll come across some that are very poorly done as well. Now, in some cases they’ll just be poorly done in your opinion—they’ll still impact others. They might still be performing well. Why is that? What makes the article effective even so? Figure that out and it will serve you well.

You’ll come across others that are so striking you’ll want to save the article or a link to the article as part of a swipe file. These are the types of articles you aspire to write because they serve the purpose, speak to the audience, and get the desired result for the writer. They check all the boxes for the niche and for the marketer who wrote them.

Over time, you’ll start to get a real feel for this. You’ll be able to write articles for your niche in your sleep. Maybe not quite that… but close. Even if you’re just starting out, you can quickly study great articles in your niche and get to know the people of your niche so you can write effective articles even if it’s your very first time.

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