As I mentioned in the previous post, the One Funnel Away Challenge is focused on starting that one funnel that will change everything for you financially.

Today’s training was centered on the whole notion of failure. It’s something we all fear, and it’s the one thing that prevents us from accomplishing what we have the ability to accomplish.

The focal point of week one continues to be on developing the correct mindset. If that’s not right, nothing else matters.

As Russell says, and I’m paraphrasing, fear is the thing that is the springboard to success. Each time you fail, you have taken one step closer to success.

Yeah, success is a great thing, but if you experience success after success after success (who doesn’t want that, right?), you won’t know how to handle failure when it ultimately occurs.

EVERYONE who is seen as a success today has failed at some point. Heck, no one wants to fail, but it is a great teacher.

As it relates to building funnels, you build one, and then another, and then another, and on and on until you build the one that just takes off.

The bottom line is there is no shame in failure. The true shame comes when you don’t turn it into a positive.

I’m starting to see how mindset really is necessary to be successful in ANY business.

We all want to start building funnels and making money, but unless you’re right in the head, it won’t make any difference.

That’s the gist of day 2. Stay tuned for day three of the challenge.

I can’t wait to actually get into the funnel-building part, but hey, patience is a virtue. I’m learning this is a methodical process, and you need to have the mindset first and foremost or else the rest doesn’t really matter.

Baby steps. As the old saying goes, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The first two steps are out of the way.

To your success,

Just take action. . .

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