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On day 3 of the challenge, Russell talked about the who, not the how. What does that mean?

Quite simply, if you try to learn all the ins and outs of Facebook ads, creating logos, editing images, etc., you’ll never achieve any positive momentum. You get stuck trying to learn everything except running your business.

Sound familiar? Yeah, I was there, too.


The “how” derails you. It takes away from your vision and leads to procrastination because you’re so overwhelmed by all the minor details.

As Russell stated, if you try to do everything yourself, you’ll fail. You need to look for someone who already knows how.

I think my biggest takeaway from this lesson is the whole idea of “opportunity cost.”

This is where you put a dollar amount on your time. Let’s say you want a logo. You have to invest time learning graphic design, Photoshop, image editing, and on and on.

Let’s assume it takes 30 hours to learn all this, and you value your time at $100 an hour. That comes out to $3,000. Expensive logo.


Do you think you could go to Upwork, Fiverr, or some other outsourcing site and get a logo for under three grand? Of course. Plus you saved 30 hours to invest in building your business.

Make sense? It did to me, too.

As a former mentor of mine once stated, “Quit learning and start earning.”

I am.

Until next time,

Just take action. . .

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