We’re getting closer and closer to the heart of this course/challenge, and that is building funnels. It’s why we’re all here, and why we (I) paid to be a part of this program, and why I’m here sharing with you here on my blog what I’m learning in this challenge.

It’s time to get more into the dollars and cents of this business. Russell says in this week’s training that the best way to 10X your business in the next 12 months is with a funnel — plain and simple. It works better than ANY other business model out there — BAR NONE.

But the trick is you have to go all in, meaning you have to be committed (and yes, be willing to invest in that commitment).


In a nutshell, you can funnel hack others’ funnels and copy what they’re doing. Look for the ones that are making money and tailor them to your product/service.

Don’t copy them directly, just copy the style. That’s funnel hacking.

There are three secrets to this practice:

✓   whoever can sell the most money to acquire a customer wins (find those who are super successful in markets such as ClickBank and model them)

✓ get the best salesperson on the planet to sell your product(s) without taking time off, calling in sick, taking vacations, etc. (hint — that person is YOU!)

✓   get customers going to your funnels instead of your competitors’ funnels

The key of this lesson is making a winning funnel (you only need one — but more is good), and focusing on promotion once you know it’s profitable.

I have to be honest here, Folks — full disclosure — I’m essentially dumping everything I’ve been working on to devote to Russell’s methods.

That being said, I’m NOT saying other things I’ve been touting on this blog don’t or won’t work. I just see the value in Russell’s funnel training, and I want to give it my full attention right now.

Just to give you some context, I’m planning on putting everything else on hold and devoting all my time to perfecting my funnel-building skills — that’s how much I believe in this program.

What I’ve learned is that to become an effective marketer, you need to focus on one method and one method only until you’ve mastered it. Stop dabbling in a thousand different “shiny objects” and just focus on one you can use.

By the way, I hate overused buzzwords such as “shiny objects,” but I just want to use the vocabulary that most people know. Just sayin.’”

I’ll continue to give you tidbits from each day’s pre-funnel mindset training this week. But once we get into the funnel-building process, I’ll keep you in the loop about what’s happening during the process.

I have a feeling it’s going to be epic. REALLY epic. Stay tuned, and check back tomorrow.

To your success,

Just take action. . .

P. S. To eliminate distractions, I’m going through my PayPal account and cancelling many (most) of my recurring payment subscriptions. Don’t you hate it when you get sideswiped by a subscription payment notification you forgot about and have never used? Yeah, I thought so.

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