Okay. So today’s the official end of the pre-training week to get us all in the proper mindset for the funnel training that kicks off tomorrow (totally stoked!!)

Today was simply a reminder to get all loose ends tied up and make sure you’ve gone through all the preparatory work. Done.

The Challenge

We’re in for a challenging, but exciting, 30 days that Russell says will test many who may want to throw in the towel. Not happening here.

His final bit of advice prior to starting the funnel-building process is to be sure we have the following components:

**ClickFunnels. Check. (In fact, someone posted a link to a 30-day free trial rather than the standard 14. Sweet!

**FunnelScripts. Check. This is AWESOME. I hate the phrase game-changer, but this is. Hate writing copy? You won’t any more.

** …Funnel Rolodex. Check. For finding experts so you don’t have to be one!…

**Stripe. Check. For taking payment in your funnels….

**Professional Email Address. Check. Something like Julie@clickfunnels.com rather than a standard gmail, yahoo, or hotmail address.

**…Canva (FREE). Check. For light graphics (nice free tool, but I’ll probably use Camtasia).

…**iPhone or camera for recording yourself on video. Check.

…**Tripod for camera. Check-a-rino.

It looks like I’m all set. Ready to rock-n-roll.

Be sure to check back and watch as I build my first funnel

Amazing stuff!!

Until tomorrow,

Just take action. . .

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