Okay, guys. Here’s where the rubber meets the road. The actual challenge began today.

All the mindset training is over, and now it’s time to begin implementation. What we’re looking at first is the offer. Many may think the funnel is key, and it is, but not until you have the right offer.

As Russell teaches here, the offer has to be good. Even if the funnel is crappy, you can still make sales. But if you have a lousy offer, even the greatest funnel won’t save it.

You start by looking at the “big 3” markets — health, wealth, and relationships. Then you look at the sub-markets below those, and then you drill down to the niches below those.


For example, I may choose wealth. Under that, I could choose internet marketing, and a niche in that sub-market might be affiliate marketing, video marketing, membership sites, etc.

You then begin doing what Russell refers to as “offer hacking.” Look at what those in your niche are doing and see how they are constructing their offers.

There are three things to consider here: 1. The hook (What grabs them? An image, a headline, etc.), 2. The story (How did you get here? What’s important? Why do they need this?), 3. The offer. (Here’s what you’re getting.)


To offer hack, go to Facebook and search the heavy-hitters in your niche. Look at their ads, and check out how they approach hook, story, and offer on every page of the sales process.

That’s it for now. Just do some “spying” and begin to see how you can craft your offer, whether it’s your own product or an affiliate offer.

It sounds like interesting homework. I’m ready to dig in.

Check back tomorrow and continue to follow the journey.

Until then,

Just take action. . .

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