Things are starting to make sense now. Today’s focus is on looking at what you want to sell, no matter what it is, and changing it from a commodity into an offer.

You see, you can take that product and compete with potentially thousands of others. Lowest price wins here. The problem is, if you’re not the lowest price, you lose.


Here’s what you want to do instead. . .

Let’s assume you’re selling an iPhone. How many others are selling the same thing for 500 bucks? Probably a lot.

Here’s how you separate yourself from the herd: Don’t just offer the phone. Maybe you have some personal phone numbers to famous people. Maybe you have some audio books customers can add to their phones. You can offer direct access for consulting, then you can offer some of your favorite podcasts. You can then charge top dollar.

The whole idea is to add increased value. People will gladly pay many times more for the additional value.


Some of the things Russell suggests to add value include a book, Private Label Rights products, public domain works you can re-purpose (see, licensing products that maybe aren’t selling well on Clickbank, audio interviews, YouTube video compilations, teaching something from an outline, physical products, and on and on.

The possibilities truly are endless.

Create an Offer

The bottom line is to know your audience (prospects) and create an offer that addresses fears and false beliefs.

Just focus on increasing the value, and you’re golden.

That’s basically it for today, Folks.

Check back tomorrow for more awesomeness.

Until then,

Just take action. . .

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