Okay, Folks. This is another short one.

This mission focuses on creating your deliverables for your offer — your videos, your ebooks, your articles, etc.

Russell’s advice is to hire someone to do it — your ebook, your audio, whatever. If you try to do all that yourself, it’s just going to lead to procrastination and getting nothing done.

Once you get everything created, it’s just a matter of plugging everything in and setting up the flow of the funnel.

There is some additional training showing how to build the framework for your content. This can also be outsourced to someone else to assemble.

Okay, at this point I know you’re thinking, “Why am I building a framework if I’m outsourcing the content? The simple answer is you have to provide a potential outsourcer with a guide that he/she can use to assemble a product.

That guide needs to be nothing more than a mindmap of what you want. Easy. You can put together a mindmap or outline in an hour (even if you’re slow).

So decide what your offer will include, create the framework, and get the final works created. Add these things to your funnel in the proper place, and prepare to make money.

It’s no more difficult than that. Make it happen.

Until next time. . .

Just take action.

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