Okay. We’re getting closer and closer to actually setting up our funnels, but the preliminary work continues this week. Actually, I’m stoked after hearing/watching today’s coaching because it’s something I’ve been contemplating for a long time, but I’ve put it off because I’ve always had “something else to do.”

This part of the challenge revolves around publishing — but maybe not publishing in the traditional since (a.k.a. a book), but rather publishing yourself.

Russell likens it to being a stand-up comedian. You test out your material on smaller audiences and hone your act until it’s a hit and you can take it to the big stage.

You don’t test your act in prime time. You take it there when you know it’s all good.

You just want to get people to know who you are and to develop a following. Just tell your story. So how do you do that? It depends on you.

Do you prefer to write? Blog every day. Submit your blog to medium.com where you’ll have an immediate audience rather than your own WordPress blog where it could take weeks, months, or even years to develop a following.

Do you like video? Take your story to Facebook Live.

Is audio more in your wheelhouse? Try podcasting and set up an account at anchor.fm.

This actually is my preferred mode. There’s a podcasting program I’ve wanted to try for a while. This gives me the push to get started and validates what I’ve been wanting to do.

What really excites me is Russell’s enthusiasm about this part of the challenge. He says this is the most important and the only real guarantee he can make. If you publish every day for 365 days, you will make money.

I’ll keep you in the loop. I trust his word implicitly. I always knew it would take work. I never expected anything to be easy.

I know. It’s a year, but nothing in this industry happens overnight. If someone tells you otherwise, he or she is flat-out lying to you. Bottom line. Success requires work. If this business was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

So the burning question is what do you blog about, podcast about, or create videos about? Just tell your story. Let people follow you on your journey and see that you’re a real person. Eventually, you’ll develop your voice.

If your first FB Lives, blog posts, or podcasts SUCK, that’s okay. It lets people know you’re human.

Spoiler alert!! We’re all imperfect. That’s what makes us human. Just tell your story and/or share your journey.

As time passes, it’ll get a lot easier. Once I begin my podcast, I’ll pass along the details here, and I hope you’ll follow.

Keep on following my journey here as well. Podcasting, here I come. Hooray!!!

Until later. . .

Just keep smiling and taking action.

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