Today’s mission is about hooks, hooks, and more hooks.

For every story, there are at least 3 hooks that can be the basis of other stories. From those stories come more hooks, and on and on.

With each hook, you lead into another story going into even more detail.

The hooks themselves then form the basis of your ads.

Then, when you construct your offer, you tell the story about what’s on the squeeze page, the story behind the products on the offer page, the thank you page, etc.

I know it seems like somewhat of a daunting task. At first I thought, “But I don’t have that many stories. Who does?”

Now I know why Russell suggests writing every day. Slowly you’ll develop your voice, and the stories will begin to come.

Just take it slow and steady and, like anything, it’ll get easier.

That’s it for the this week’s challenge. Now the fun begins. Funnel time!

Until then. . .

Just take action.

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