This is the end of the funnel-building phase. Next, we get into traffic. But before that. . .

It’s time to test, test, test. First, look at your sequence, and make sure everything is in order — squeeze page, sales page, order form, one time offer, downsell (maybe), and member area.

If you’re using Stripe as your payment processor (preferred), put it into test mode and use a fake credit card to make sure the process is seamless.

If it is, try it again with an actual credit card to be sure you can make it through the funnel without any issues. If you notice anything, fix it.

On the opt-in page, did you get an email and receive the free gift?

Did you purchase the order bump, and did it turn you into a customer?

What about the OTO? Did you get it without any issues?

The bottom line is just to test the customer experience. Look at the overall picture. Does it make sense?

If so, it’s time to move on to traffic and getting eyes on your funnel.

That’s where we pick it up next. Stay tuned.

Until then. . .

Just take action.

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