Okay, so now we’re down to business. It’s funnel creation time.

Today, Russell shared the basic funnel strategy to get started. Basically, your funnel has two main goals:

1st — generate a lead

2nd — create a customer

The first funnel we’re going to create has only three pages — the squeeze page, the sales page, and the OTO (one time offer) page.

The squeeze page is designed just to get contact information. Here, you need to give away something amazing so people won’t think twice about surrendering their email address. A basic, boring report probably won’t evoke too much interest.

The sales page is the longest in the sequence and should contain a series of hooks and stories peppered throughout, as should the follow-up emails to get prospects back to the sales page and hopefully make a purchase.

Then, you want to move them along to the one time offer page and a place to deliver the goods.

That’s pretty much it — basic stuff. Tomorrow we roll up our sleeves and start navigating ClickFunnels. Can’t wait.

Check back for more.

Until next time. . .

Just take action.

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