We’re getting to the point where the rubber meets the road. Today’s lesson is about the share funnel, which basically means there are done-for-you funnel templates you can download into your ClickFunnels account and customize as you see fit.

The main thing we need to know at this point is how the pages, regardless of the type of funnel, are laid out.

First of all, there are sections. These are coded in green, and they serve as overall place holders for everything else on your page(s).

Next we have rows. These can be found within the sections and include columns as well. Maybe one column is a video and one column is an opt-in form, or a list of bullet points, or whatever. Oh yeah. In ClickFunnels, these are coded in blue. I don’t want to forget that.

Finally, we have elements. You’ll identify these in CF as they are outlined in orange. Elements go inside rows/columns and are things such as headlines, text, opt-in forms, videos, images, etc., etc.

That’s basically it for this lesson. Next we’re looking at setting up each page of the funnel. We’ll start with the squeeze page.

Stay tuned.

Until then. . .

Just take action.

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