Today is a look at the first page of the funnel — the squeeze page.

As Russell teaches in this challenge, the number one thing to be aware of is that simple works best on the squeeze page. Generally speaking, the more bells and whistles (for example, fancy backgrounds, videos, flashy images, etc.) the lower the conversions.


At the most, you really only need four things:

  1. a headline — this should serve as the hook
  2. a sub-headline — this is the story (and on the squeeze page it can be one sentence)
  3. an image — this can be a picture of the product which is the offer
  4. opt-in form

Just remember from an earlier blog post that every page needs a hook, a story, and an offer. The depth of each depends on the page in the funnel.

Obviously the hook, the story, and the offer will be more detailed on a longer page.

The big thing with the squeeze page is that it should evoke curiosity. You certainly don’t want people to think they know the answer or they won’t opt in.

Tomorrow we look at the sales page. I’m expecting it to be a little more detailed since it will contain a lot more information. Stay tuned.

Until then. . .

Just take action.

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