Today we move on from the squeeze page to the sales page.

The concept is basically the same. It’s just that the sales page is significantly longer.

As is the case with every page, you want a hook, story, and offer for every component. Here’s the structure:

You want a headline which serves as the hook.

That is followed by a video of you telling the origin story of the thing you’re selling. Why are you selling it? Why should people want it?

Your offer follows. It should be present in both in the video mentioned above and in the text below it. Every component should also have a hook, story, and offer.

Next, there should be an order form bump that offers something additional prior to checkout. It’s kind of like those impulse items you see on display at the checkout of your friendly neighborhood store.

The last thing is your order form/button, and that’s it. That’s really the blueprint for the sales page. Don’t make it any harder than it has to be.

Go and make it happen, and tomorrow we’ll look at the OTO page.

Until then,

Just take action.

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