Time to wrap up the creation of the funnel.

What we learned in this lesson is to create a section for each core product, and within that section include the lessons in pdf form, videos, lessons, etc.

You also want to include the download/lesson that is part of the order form bump if you have one.

Just plug in all the pieces of your offer into the ClickFunnels membership platform.

If you take the training, you’ll receive other training videos to address the technical issues. No problems.

We’re now getting on to the final part of the challenge which is the traffic component.

You just need to follow every lesson and take action. Yes, it takes work, but you need to just do it.

It’s like anything. If I plan and do nothing, nothing gets done. That means planning is futile.

But if I plan and actually take action, I’m taking a step toward a positive outcome.

I hope this makes sense. The final part of this challenge will focus on traffic generation and getting eyeballs on our sites.

Yeah, it’ll be exciting.

Until next time. . .

Just take action.

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