Okay, Folks. We’re closing in on the end of this challenge. It’s time to optimize your funnel.

One thing to be aware of is that not every funnel will work right out of the gate. Chances are it’s going to flop — and that’s okay. You’ll probably step in gum with your new boots.

Just keep in mind that the simpler the funnel, the better, because it’s easier to pinpoint the problem.

Look at the ad. How much is it costing per click? Too high? How do you get it lower? Simple. Revisit the hook, story, and offer. Which one changes your numbers?

Next, look at the squeeze page. What can you tweak? Again, look at the hook, the story, and the offer.

Are you sensing a pattern here?

Next, look at the sales page. Not to sound repetitive, but consider the hook, the story, and the offer, and make any changes to things such as your headline, sub-headline, video, etc.


The best advice here is tweak and test, tweak and test.

Ideally, you want your funnel to break even first, then tweak until it’s profitable.

Make sense? Good.

We’re almost done with the challenge. Stick with me.

Until next time. . .

Just take action.

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