The end. Fin. Goodbye. We’re done. It’s been a pretty intense 5+ weeks.

Tomorrow I’ll give you my personal overview. Was it worth it? Do I recommend you take part in a future challenge? Stay tuned.

Here are Russell’s final words to those who completed the challenge:

“You did it!  

You’ve completed the One Funnel Away Challenge – Congratulations!

Just take a second, and think about what you’ve DONE and built over the last 30 days…  (we threw a LOT at you, and this Challenge was fast-paced!)

Keep this in mind as you move forward from today…

This is just the very BEGINNING of your online business journey. 

Other people might look at your growing online business, and see you as “lucky”…

But we both know it’s NOT luck..



We both know that the growth of an online business is the RESULT of:

IMMERSING yourself everyday…

√ Staying COMMITTED to the process…

√ Remembering that marketing is about PEOPLE


So…your TOP SECRET next mission (should you choose to accept)…

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a link and a message with important information about where you can learn about the next step in this game. 

It’s not for everyone…only those that are committed, ready to play this game hard, and don’t want the OFA challenge spirit to end.”


Once you’ve completed the challenge, your next mission is to submit your funnel and be part of the one comma club, meaning you’ll get to the four-figure per month group.

After that, it’s the two comma club, which means — yep — a million bucks — A MILLION!! and, yeah, it’s possible. . .and do-able.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an overview of the challenge. Do I recommend it? Stay tuned.

Until tomorrow. . .

Just take action.

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