Okay folks, now that we’re into the full swing of 2020, it’s time to get back into The Challenge.

The previous lesson was all about telling your story. It’s about creating an epiphany bridge story, or what Russell claims is your epiphany moment and what got you emotional.

The problem is that once you learn what you want to learn and you become an expert, you want to use all of the jargon you now consider yourself an expert in and use that as your sales tool.


That’s what Russell refers to as “techno-babble.” It turns prospects off.

When you buy a product, regardless of the price, you buy it based on emotion and then justify it with logic. Doing it the other way around assures no sales.

Ultimately, you want the listener to have an epiphany also. You want them to experience what you have experienced and achieve your success.

That’s the key to sales. The product never sells itself. Your story and how it resonates with potential customers is what works.

So any time you present an offer, do so from the emotional angle. What was your epiphany, how did it help you overcome your biggest obstacle, how did it bring you a positive result, etc.?

I’ll probably be writing more on this in the future.

Check back tomorrow.

Until then. . .

Just take action.

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