Now, let’s look a little more deeply into the planning phase. I realize that this typically isn’t the most exciting part of things. People usually want to skip past the planning and get right into the action. The thing of it is, the planning is where the real magic happens. The most successful people plan ahead.

I promise – I’ll make this as painless as possible. I just want you to think about a few things before you get started.

First of all, I want you to think about your goals a little bit. You’ve already decided that you’re going to create 5 different types of content. You’re going to create 10 different pieces of content among those 5 different types. So you’ll create 10 articles, 10 blog posts, 10 podcast episodes, 10 videos, and 10 social media content pieces.

Think again about your goals as they relate to business. What exactly do you want to come from this? This is a very individual question, though most people reading this will have some similar goals in mind. For example, do you want to grow your list and drive more traffic as a result of getting more content out there? Those are great goals to have.

Maybe you want to say your goal is to grow your list by 500 people by the end of next month. That’s a fantastic, solid goal with a great deadline.

You’ve noticed that I have an endpoint there too—that’s something important to have. Be very specific with your goals and include deadlines with those goals.

What kind of income goals do you have? Maybe you want to earn an extra $500 for your business by the end of next month. That, too, is a great goal to have. If the 5X10 method can help you do that, it’s important for you to follow through with it – and I do think it can help you do that, and more.

You get the picture. How much traffic do you want to get and by how much do you want your income to increase? What kind of ‘reason why’ or purpose do you have for running your business in the first place? How can creating more content and driving more traffic help you accomplish those goals and achieve that reason why?

Also, consider more practical things, such as how much time you want to devote to this each day. Maybe you’ve found yourself working way too much and you want to be able to cut down on the amount of time you work. The 5X10 method can help you with that because it streamlines your work and helps ensure that you actually get things done during the hours you work.

I suggest you get out a pen and a piece of paper and start brainstorming about all the things that come to mind related to your business as you embark on your journey. Think about the time you want to work, what you want to come as a result of this, and what you see ideally happening as a result of implementing the 5X10 method.

Now that you’ve thought about your goals and exactly what you want, it’s time to make a plan. Go through this book once in its entirety and start to form your plan. If it differs from the plan I’ve laid out in this book, make sure you write it down. Stick to it. Put the plan on your actual schedule.

Whether you put your schedule in something like your smartphone calendar, Google calendar, or something like my Action Enforcer software, make the 5X10 method part of it. This is something you have to take seriously. This isn’t just another product that you read and put away, intending to do it later on.

Take control of your plan, starting right now. Make sure your family is aware that you’re starting this plan. Announce it to your business contacts and to your mastermind groups. Let your Facebook groups and your Skype groups know that you are serious about this. There’s something about announcing it to others that makes it more real. It can help increase your chances of actually following through.

When I talk about planning, I’m talking about actually planning when you’re going to write those five articles, for example. And what are you going to do with them? Where are you going to post them? I want you to schedule this out so you stick to it. As you become more familiar with the method, it might be that you don’t have to be so strictly scheduled later on. But for now, creating a plan and a schedule can help you stay consistent.

Remember – I’m all about squeezing every last drop out of every piece of content you create. We’re going to talk about repurposing your content all throughout this book. Make that part of your plan as well.

Let’s say you’ve written an article on a Monday. On Tuesday you can turn that into a podcast episode and post it. And on Wednesday, you can put that podcast audio to a PowerPoint slide and turn it into a video. Do you get the idea? Repurpose all of your content and make a plan for doing that.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to actually stick to the plan you come up with. Sure, it’s important to remain flexible. If you get a burst of inspiration, there’s no need to chase that burst of inspiration away. Allow it to come through. But don’t allow yourself to be swayed by bright shiny objects. Show those bright shiny objects the door.

For now, focus on your business, on growing your list, and on achieving a level of expertise in your niche. Stick to the plan and stay consistent.

I also want to reiterate that it’s important that your plan be in line with the rest of the things you do in your business. Whether you’re an author on Kindle, sell things via Amazon FBA, have an offline marketing business, are a freelancer, or are an affiliate marketer… it doesn’t matter. This applies no matter what you do online.

Make sure the 5X10 plan you devise and modify fits your exact business. This isn’t something that should distract you. It is something that should fall in line perfectly no matter what you do in your business.

If you’re stuck for what your goal and plan should include, focus on list building. You can never go wrong if you focus on list building. List building is important for every single type of business out there, including yours.

You can make sure that every piece of content you create has the goal of helping you build your list full of people who are actively interested in the niche you are in.

Again, make a schedule and stick with it. Post it on a huge white board in your office if you need to. Creating a schedule and an actual plan can help you get into the right mindset. Many people who are in business for themselves run into the problem of not treating this as a real business. They wake up not sure what they should do each day. Well, now you know what you should do each day.

Wake up, look at the schedule you already created for yourself, and create your content. Follow the 5X10 method to get a lot of fantastic content out there all over the web.

Having this kind of schedule can empower you—it’s true. Because you instinctively know that this is what many successful people are doing. They’re creating schedules and plans for themselves. They’re following tried-and-true methods like the one I’m presenting to you. They’re getting amazing content out on the web that will serve their audience well – just like you are about to do.

It can really help you if you emulate those who are successful. What are others in your niche doing and what are they thinking? What do you think their planning processes are? I actually think—I know– that you’ll have a leg up on the competition, and even those who are more successful than you are, because they won’t have access to the 5X10 method…at least not yet. They’ll wonder how it is that you’re able to create such fantastic content so quickly, now that you’re dominating your niche so rapidly.

Plan ahead and you can get traffic and more easily implement the 5X10 method. You can grow your business and accomplish all of the goals you’ve thought about and written down. And I do mean for you to write your goals down. Don’t just think them in your head. Actually write them down very specifically—over and over again if you need to. Do this and you’ll be setting yourself up for success as we dive into the actual 5X10 method.

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