This is a short post today, because I want you to focus on getting your content generated.  Consider this to be sort of a gentle nudge toward your first product, lead magnet, etc.

Still stuck?  Okay, I’ll spill the beans.  In the next couple days (certainly within the next week), I’ll share with you an AWESOME way to find content if you’re absolutely stuck.  I’d like to think I’ll be your favorite person after this.  Stay tuned.

I’m sure you can see by now that this absolutely will transform your business in ways that you can only imagine right now. Content really can be the thing that helps you turn your business around.

This method is something that is new to you, but that you will very quickly get the hang of. In fact, I think it will become a standby in your business because it just makes so much sense once you start using it. It helps you work better and faster. And the great thing is that you will see results very quickly if you follow this method.

Following the method is key—being committed to the method is key– you have to follow through. Even if you tweak the method some – it doesn’t matter, just get content out there and get it done.

Rinse and repeat your way to success. Keep creating content even beyond your initial days with this method. Next, we’ll dive more deeply into planning and preparing for the 5X10 method.

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