I think this one is my personal pet peeve.  Sorry, but I’m not part of the social media generation.  I guess I can’t be too critical since I was never a fan of the rap, disco, punk, etc,. etc., etc., movements either.

I mean, is texting really enjoyable?  I find it to be an enormous pain in the posterior.  Plus, I don’t need to know what my friends are doing every minute of the day, nor am I particularly interested in them knowing what I’m doing at any point in time.

I know it seems somewhat paradoxical to want to maintain some sense of privacy, but at the same time, use that same media to advance our internet marketing interests.  I get it.  As long as it’s used for marketing, I’m okay with it.  If you’re using it just to waste time, well. . .

I guess what skews my thinking a little is that, as a teacher, it’s the sole focus of so many teens’ lives.  They walk down the hallways fixated on their phones.  Anything that happens at school can be blasted to the galaxy in milliseconds.

That can be a blessing and a curse.  I suppose my viewpoint is influenced somewhat by my generation.  How many of you remember the pay phone, or the top-loading beta video players.  And in the grand history of the world, that isn’t that long ago.

As I said, I have to adapt to change as well.  But all I’m saying is social media is great for enhancing your business.  Use it for that purpose but not to replace or avoid your business.  Fair enough.

That being said, until next time. . .

Just take action.

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