Here’s the thing…I hear this
all the time…

People asking me for advice on article
marketing, blog marketing, content
marketing, creating products, delivering
coaching, etc….

But those are all distractions, in a sense.

You see, if someone’s business isn’t making money…
normally fixing one thing…using a new tactic…
isn’t going to solve the problem.

You see, if the business model is flawed or isn’t
working, more traffic’s not going to fix it.

Another product isn’t going to fix it.

A common pattern online is that someone is
looking to increase traffic, so they go buy
a training to learn a certain kind of traffic.

They use that for a month, sales don’t go
up, they figure that source doesn’t work.

So they go buy another training on a different
kind of traffic.

And the next month the same thing.

Or they are getting the traffic they need, but they aren’t
building relationships with subscribers and making
sales – so they buy a product to teach them to
do that…same thing, they don’t get
the results they need.

So next month, something else…

Of course for each person, it’s a little different.

But the problem is this constant search for new

Tactics don’t make your business.

A complete business model that works across
the board and an understanding of
the psychology that makes internet business
happen makes your business.

One that works for everyone, not just 1% of the
people who try it.

That’s the problem with most of the business models
online – they work occasionally.

But you don’t want to build an “occasional” business,
do you?

You want to build a solid business that will stand the
test of time, right?

Since you are reading this email…unless you
scroll to the bottom and unsubscribe, I have
prepared a set of emails that will come to
you over time, about 1 every 2-3 days or so…

I will teach you this business model.

Some teachings will be in the email.

For some you will be given a link to go to
the training.

For some there will be an audio.

But I can tell you this…if you take action, read
every email, listen to what I send…in the next
90-180 days you are going to get a deeper
education from me than you have likely gotten
from any training you have ever gotten online from
anyone at any price.

I don’t say that to brag…just to tell it how it
is –

I have been full time online now more than
5 years, with highly consistent income, and in the
process I’ve coached hundreds of people, created
dozens of products, had over 100,000 people
optin to my lists, and I’ve written over 1000

And in the process, I have gained a deep understanding
into the psychology of internet success, and I’ll
be sharing a lot of that with you.

Because I believe that if you are going to be
successful, you need to understand the *why* – so
you can implement strategies and tactics as a part
of a grand plan to achieve your goals, not just
because one tactic has worked for a few other people

So, welcome – I look forward to teaching you
the *inside psychology* and high level strategies
of the internet marketing world!

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