This might be one article type you’re really excited about because it means you’re going to be making money. I’ve really stressed the importance of feeding your audience with a lot of high quality content and really making sure you’re doing right by them. That also means putting a focus on building relationships with them.

With that said, you shouldn’t hesitate to also put a strong focus on promotion and making money. There’s no shame in that at all. The people in your niche need and want to buy products– you’ve made sure of that. It’s one of the reasons you chose this niche in the first place.

To write a promotional article, there are two things you need to understand– your audience and your product. If it’s not your product, then you need to understand the product you’re promoting as an affiliate.

To understand the people you’re promoting to, get to know them on social media. Visit them on forums and blogs. Read about their likes and dislikes and what really makes them tick.

To understand the product you’re promoting, go through it thoroughly. Pick out the main benefits and think about how the product will satisfy the buyer and solve the problems they have.

After you’ve done that and you know your audience inside and out, you can write the outline for your promotional article.

Start out with a great headline that focuses on the problem people have. You can draw them in with a promise to deliver a solution that will be revealed within the article.

Or maybe you’re doing a review article– in that case, you’ll want to reveal that you’re reviewing the product right within the headline or title of the article.

In the introduction, talk about the problem people have that they want to be solved. Or talk about the ups and downs they’ve had with other products that don’t quite cut it.

Write about your own story that relates to theirs– people love knowing that you’ve been through what they’ve been through and have come out the other side.

Then, introduce the product. Focus on the benefits and how it’s going to solve their problem and be exactly clear on what they want and need.

Finally, give a call to action to check the product out further. Tell them to click and to buy, to take advantage of special offers that might be available for a short period of time.

Don’t be afraid to include direct links and images and things like that, that directly promote right within these articles. Just know that what you’re allowed to do will depend on where you’re posting these promotional articles.

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