There’s something that has become evident over the last few weeks that has become somewhat of a sticking point with me.

I am a graduate of Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge and have also dabbled in John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success program.

If you’re not familiar with either program, one of the focal points of the training is commenting on other people’s blogs to generate traffic.  I’ve been doing it daily for a while.  You add your blog to a list, other members see it, you click on it, other people see it, and you get a bazillion views.  Wrong!!!!

Here’s the problem as I’ve experienced it:  I click on the person’s link from my blog, and I see that their last blog post was a month, two months, six months, a year, and, yes, even two years ago — and even more!

I’m going to waste ten minutes writing a post on a blog that hasn’t updated in six months and no one will see?  Probably not.  Let’s move on to the next free traffic method (enter sarcasm here).

Let’s be clear here.  I’m not saying free traffic doesn’t work.  It absolutely does.  Yep, it works, but it takes time, and you have to work at it.  Most people won’t because we live in a world of instant gratification.

And you wonder why free traffic has a negative reputation?  It’s free, so if it doesn’t work, nothing lost.  WRONG!  Does that mean your time is worth nothing?

I don’t care what anybody tells you.  Your blog is arguably your best way to promote you, your business, and your brand.  Use it!

I guess it’s just a testament to the notion that free traffic may work, but you have to rely on the efforts of others.  It’s not that it doesn’t work; it’s just that there are too many variables.

I’ll talk about paid traffic later.  It’s just my opinion, but it’s the way to go to grow your business the fastest.

Until next time. . .

Just take action.

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