Hi, I’m Bob – nice to meet you, and welcome to my new blog!

Yep, that’s really my devilishly handsome self in the picture to the right.  I know it’s not some touched-up photo or a Glamor Shot, but I guess it just shows I’m real.  Yeah — I think I just might leave it for now.

After years of struggling, I’ve finally decided to take some massive action…

Needless to say, Shiny Object Syndrome has been crippling.  I buy and buy and buy (sound familiar?) but never put anything into action (more familiar?)  I guess I just got kind of sick of being the lifetime student.  You don’t sell, you don’t make money.  How did it take so long to figure that one out?  Knowledge means squat unless you put it into action.

I’ve followed the likes of John Thornhill, Sean Mize, and Omar Martin (among others) for a number of years, and don’t ask me what took so long (stubbornness I suppose) Something slapped me upside the head and screamed, “Get a blog online!  Get some buy buttons online!  Take action!  DO SOMETHING!”  This time, I listened.  Check out my About Me page for more details you probably can’t live without.

You know, it’s funny.  It took all this time for me to figure out you can’t make money unless you’re selling something.  Strange how that works.

Maybe this sounds familiar:  You buy a course, you go through all the training tutorials, you’re excited, and THEN the next thing hits your inbox and off you go.  I was a hamster on a wheel. . .

. . .always learning but never doing.

So on this blog, I’ll be documenting my findings from my new journey into the industry – including what I’m doing, what works, what doesn’t work, and everything in between.

I’m all about giving value, so stay tuned for my step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and helpful tips.

I may not post here every day, but I’ll give it the old college try.  I want you to keep up with what I’m doing so you can copy my successes and avoid my failures.

Please feel free to leave a reply, introduce yourself, and let’s be friends.

Finally, to learn more about me, my story, and how I’ll be helping you achieve your goals, please check out my About Bob page.

Just take action.

I’ll be in touch.


To your success,

Bob Moore

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    • Selma Mariudottir

      Hi Bob,

      Congratulations on your new blog!

      Looking forward to follow you on your journey.

      Best regards, Selma

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